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Proudly Providing Eye Services to Culpeper, Virginia

Eye care of Virginia is proud to provide the people of Culpeper and King George, Virginia with reliable eye exams, quality eye care and corrective lenses. Whatever your needs, Eye Care of Virginia can provide you with the type vision assessment and care that you need.


Eye Exams in Culpeper

Our optometrists perform different eye exams depending in the needs of the patient. Below are some of the standard exams we offer to the patients who need them:

  • Visual Acuity One of our most common exams, this test checks for visual acuity and can help determine whether or not a patient needs glasses.
  • Retina Check During a retina check, the optometrist looks into the back of the eye for signs of disease and degenerative conditions.
  • Pediatric Exams Kids need eye exams just as much as--if not more so--than adults. Performing pediatric exams can help us catch vision problems young, which enables kids to get the kind of corrective lenses they need to perform well in school.
  • Diabetic Exams Diabetes can cause the loss of vision over time. Our optometrists will check for signs of complication from diabetes.
  • Color Vision Test Men in particular are subject to color blindness. Catching this problem can be a matter of safety, since colors come into play at work and on the road.
  • Blood Pressure We test for damage to the eyes due to high blood pressure, a condition that can lead to retinopathy.

During your eye exam, we'll also scan for signs of other eye diseases, such as: strabismus, amblyopia (lazy eye), cataracts, glaucoma, dry eyes, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and more.

Prescriptions and Corrective Lenses

Our patients have their choice of purchasing standard glasses, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. We keep a range of frames on hand for our patients to try. Our frames come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. From popular styles to timeless classics, you can find the frames that are right for you.

We also prescribe Acuvue Define contact lenses and Air Optix cosmetic contact lenses. Before we can prescribe contact lenses for you, we'll perform an extra exam to ensure that contact lenses are right for your needs and condition.

Other Services

In addition to performing standard eye exams and prescribing corrective lenses, we also diagnose eye conditions. We offer consultations to patients who need surgeries, and then we refer those patients to the proper medical professionals.

Whether you're looking for replacement glasses, hoping to get your eyes examined or concerned about your overall eye health, Eye Care of Virginia in Culpeper, VA is happy and proud to meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for an exam. We'll diagnose any conditions, write a prescription for your corrective lenses and get you started on a new pair of glasses. We look forward to servicing you!