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Senior Eye Care Services from Our Optometrist in Culpeper & King George

Human eyes inevitably undergo a variety of changes over time. Some of the most difficult eye problems become more of a factor after the age of 60 -- but that doesn't mean you have to let time run out on your vision. Our optometrist in Culpeper & King George, Dr. Miles Press, can provide the extra care necessary for 60-year-old (and older) eyes.

Elderly couple enjoying their new glasses out doors.

Common Eye Problems from Age 60 Onward

While many eye diseases and disorders can strike any individual at any time of life, it's important to be aware of your elevated risk for specific eye conditions as you pass the age of 60. These eye problems include:

  • Cataracts - Cataracts may begin to form in middle age and progress very slowly, becoming a serious impediment after the age of 60. Clouded, opaque lenses can result in impaired color perception, low night vision, extreme light sensitivity and visual distortion.
  • Macular degeneration - Macular degeneration is most likely to appear after the age of 60. This disease involves irreversible damage to the part of the retina that receives central visual images, making it difficult to make out any objects you're trying to focus on.
  • Glaucoma - Everyone over the age of 60 faces an elevated risk of glaucoma. Glaucoma is usually related to high pressure inside the eye, which progressively destroys optic nerve fibers to cause permanent vision loss and potential blindness.
  • Dry eye - Age often causes the tear ducts to produce fewer tears, a change that can lead to the dry eye after age 60. Dry eye sufferers experience redness, itching or "foreign body" irritation in the eye and vision problems.
  • Diabetic retinopathy - Half of all diagnosed diabetics are aged 60 or older. These individuals are vulnerable to diabetic retinopathy, abnormal blood vessel formation and bleeding that can cause severe vision loss.
  • Eye function problems - Research shows that eye function issues such as amblyopia often get worse with age, with 27 percent of adults over 60 suffering from binocular vision problems.

Treatment of Age-Related Eye Conditions in King George & Culpeper

Trust Eye Care of Virginia to address eye-related eye conditions in King George & Culpeper. We highly recommend annual eye exams for everyone over 60 so we can check for age-related eye diseases and disorders. If we detect macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma, we can prescribe medications and other care to get them under control. Corrective lenses can compensate for mild cataract issues; if you require cataract removal surgery, we can provide pre-operative and post-operative care. Visual therapy can help you deal with functional problems that affect your eyesight.

Let Us Help You See Your 60s More Clearly Today!

From annual eye exams to visual therapy and other treatments, Eye Care of Virginia can help you retain optimal vision into your 60s and beyond. Contact either of our offices to schedule your 60-plus eye exam today!