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Vision Over 40: How Your Optometrist in Culpeper & King George Can Help

When you visit your optometrist in Culpeper & King George for an eye exam, we often will provide the right eye exam for your age. As we get older, the quality and condition of our eyes changes. This can change your vision and increase your chances of developing a variety of eye conditions. Our team has extensive experience treating patients over the age of 40 for vision problems. In many ways, getting regular vision and eye health screenings at this age is more important than ever.

Man liking his glasses he got after his over 40 eye exam.

Your Trusted Optometrist for Vision and Eye Conditions Over 40

At the age of 40, you are still far from being labeled a senior, yet your eyes are already changing. When you visit your optometrist in our office, we’ll work with you around the age of 40 to begin monitoring for changes in your vision or eye structure that could lead to a number of eye conditions as you age. We do this by performing a visual acuity test during your annual eye exam. This can give us an eye if your vision has changed enough to warrant a new prescription for contact lenses or eyeglasses. It can also help us to detect the early signs of some worrying eye conditions including the following:

Macular Degeneration: This is one of the most common causes of vision loss in older people. It occurs when damage and deterioration to the retina’s macula occurs. This is the very center portion of the retina. When this type of damage occurs, it causes impairment of your vision. You’ll find it becomes more difficult to watch television, read a book, or recognize people’s faces well. Driving becomes limited. Early detection of macular degeneration is critical for this condition.

Glaucoma: Another common condition of the eye to develop as you get older is glaucoma. In this condition, there is an increase in the amount of pressure within the structure of the eye. This damages your peripheral vision or the vision around the center portion. Glaucoma can come on suddenly, but with early detection, we may be able to slow eyesight loss.

Cataracts: Over time, crystalline material can develop over the lens of your eye. This comes from the breakdown of protein within this structure. Over time, the protein clumps together, creating a blockage in front of your vision. You may begin to notice cloudy vision at the start of cataracts developing.

When Should You Get Visual Therapy in Culpeper and King George?

We offer a wide range of visual therapy solutions for eye diseases and eye problems like these. You don’t have to suffer from loss of vision or eye health. Our team can help you. Vision exams should be done at your optometrist yearly. It is advised that older patients coming in more frequently.

Contact Our Optometrist in King George & Culpeper for an Appointment

When you reach 40, you don’t want to put off getting your annual eye exam. It is the best way to describe any eye problems you are having with our team so the proper diagnosis of eye diseases can occur early on. Contact our King George & Culpeper optometrist for an appointment today: (540) 825-3937, for our Culpeper office or call 540-663-3937 for our King George office.