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Specialized Contact Lenses for Dry Eye at Eye Care of Virginia

Have you recently sought contact lenses as a discreet, convenient form of vision correction -- only to be told you're a "poor candidate" for contacts due to dry eye syndrome? It's true that standard contact lenses can make dry eyes even drier and more uncomfortable. But it's also true that Eye Care of Virginia in King George and Culpeper carries specialized contact lens options to help you overcome this obstacle. 

Person holding a contact lens

Ordinary Contacts Can Aggravate Dry Eye Syndrome

When we talk about dry eyes, we're usually referring to dry eye syndrome. This problem occurs when your tear film isn't replenished by your tear glands often enough or doesn't contain enough oil to retain the water. Eyes that aren't sufficiently hydrated and lubricated get annoyingly itchy, red, and irritated; their vision may also be blurred from time to time.

How do contact lenses make this worrying scenario even worse? Not all contacts do an equally good job of holding moisture, or of transferring oxygen to the eyes. As a result, your eyes may become even drier and uncomfortable under a pair of ordinary contacts. A serious case of dry eye syndrome makes your corneas more vulnerable to irritation, damage, and infection, so the last thing you want to do is aggravate the problem.

The Best Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Back when there were fewer types of contact lenses on the market, dry eye sufferers were often steered toward eyeglasses as a safer, more comfortable vision correction strategy. Today, however, we can offer you many different ways to enjoy the convenience of contact lenses without worsening your dry eye symptoms. Some of the specialized contact lenses we recommend for dry eyes include:

  • Hydrogels - Contact lenses made of hydrogel materials do a superior job of retaining moisture while allowing your eyes to get plenty of soothing, nourishing oxygen.
  • Soft contacts - Specialized soft contacts can offer the greatest possible comfort as they rest on the corneal surfaces. This quality is welcome for anyone dealing with minimal tear film.
  • Scleral contacts - These lenses rest on the white of the eye so they don't rest on your corneas at all. This provides a natural reservoir for moisture.
  • Ortho-K - These lenses are worn only at night, correcting your corneal curvature for clear daytime eyesight. This means no daytime aggravation for your dry eyes.

Get Your Ideal Contacts in King George or Culpeper Today!

Don't let dry eyes keep you from getting your ideal contacts in King George or Culpeper. Call either of our locations for a contact lens exam!