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Culpeper Optometrist Dr. Miles Press Answers Questions About Computer Vision Syndrome

If you are suffering from chronically dry, irritated eyes and you spend a lot of time in front of a digital monitor, you may have a condition known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Fortunately, our skilled Culpeper eye care team at Eye Care of Virginia may have the solution -- in the form of computer glasses. If you're curious about our Culpeper computer glasses and what they can do for your quality of life, take a look at our answers to these frequently asked questions.

How do I know I have computer vision syndrome? Computer vision syndrome is characterized by eye redness and fatigue, a burning or stinging sensation, blurred or double vision, difficulty focusing, headaches, and shoulder or neck pain. While some of these symptoms can be caused by allergies, infections or other eye problems, CVS is directly attributable to long hours spent in front of a computer monitor or other display device.

What's so bad about staring at a monitor? When you spend a lot of time using display devices, your eyes don't blink as frequently as they normally would. Blinking stimulates tear production; deprived of your normal blinking rhythm, your eyes dry out.

Why do I keep losing my focusing ability? Tiny muscles control your lenses' ability to shift focus between near objects and distant ones. Resolving fine text displayed as pixels on a screen eventually causes muscular strain, causing the eye muscles to relax into what's called a resting point of accommodation. The more you force your eyes back into focus, the more strain you experience. Exposure to excessive glare makes things even worse.

How do computer glasses help? These corrective lenses are specially prescribed to provide optimal, strain-free vision at one specific distance -- the distance between your eyes and the computer monitor. This extra visual compensation frees your eye muscles from the need to keep straining and shifting from one visual field to another. 

I have presbyopia. Can computer glasses help me? Absolutely! Our Culpeper eye care team can craft fashionable multifocal computer glasses that allow you to see clearly at different distances. This is useful if you need to address other business from time to time. But you may find that single-vision computer glasses give you all the correction you need for viewing both your monitor and your keyboard.

What can I do about eye dryness? Computer glasses help with focus-related strain, but there's still the lack of blinking to consider. Our Culpeper eye care Doctor, Miles Press, can prescribe eye drops while recommending specific lifestyle changes such as taking more breaks from the computer or placing an anti-glare screen over your monitor. If the problem persists, we can evaluate your tear film to see if some underlying health condition is causing or aggravating it.